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The European Federation of Soil and Water Bioengineering (EFIB) in collaboration with the Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction (IBLB | BOKU Vienna) organise the international conference Soil AND Water BioENGINEERING: NATURE BASED SOLUTIONS FOR Green AND Blue Infrastructure, held on the 23rd and 24th of April 2020 in Vienna.


Current ecological, economic and social crises push us to find solutions undergoing the acknowledging of the laws of nature and its principles, the halt of the ongoing degradation and the initiation mechanisms of restoration. This requires the introduction of a new attitude in planification: Green and Blue Infrastructure improve the ecological functioning of natural systems, provide essential ecosystem services for the welfare of people and maintain biodiversity.

Soil and Water Bioengineering, as a discipline, enables the regeneration and restoration of ecosystems while advancing a sound approach of engineering in accordance with the natural environment. SWB is the most basic NBS instrument for sustainable establishment of Green and Blue Infrastructure.

The aim of the International Conference SWB2020 is to present and discuss current SWB approaches and processes from planification to implementation and state-of-the-art research for enhancing NBS and Green and Blue Infrastructure.

Thematic Areas and Call for Abstracts

We invite practitioners, technicians and researchers to submit abstracts for presentation at the conference covering research, strategic and practical activities related to the restoration of degraded ecosystems and areas with the use of Soil and Water Bioengineering. Following topics will be addressed:

Session 01 – Aquatic Ecosystems
  • River and wetland restoration and rehabilitation
  • Planification and integrated river basin management
  • Rain water management and SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems)
  • Constructed wetlands and plant purification
Session 02 – Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Terrestrial ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation in urban and peri-urban areas
  • Restoration and remediation of land under extractive activities: mining, quarrying and landfilling
  • Design, construction and restoration of linear infrastructure networks (roads and highways, railway lines, power lines and pipelines)
  • Forest restoration in mountain areas, slope stabilisation
Session 03 – Ecosystem-based Adaptation
  • Design, construction and deployment of Nature Based Solutions (NBS)
  • Ecosystem connectivity, biotope monitoring, habitat modelling, biodiversity, ecological resilience
  • Ecosystem service capacity, flow and demand
  • Integrated ecosystem service assessment and life cycle management